John Teulon Ladd

I started displaying a selection of my photographs in early 2014.

Originally, these were photos taken with digital cameras : a recently purchased Ricoh GR, the original 2005 GR Digital, and a Nikon D90. Some of the Nikon digital photos were experiments, taken with alternative lenses : a pinhole attachment, the Loreo “lens in a cap”, a plastic Holga lens.

Maybe it was the Holga lens that led me to take up film photography again. In the spring of 2014, I bought a Russian Lomo LC-A (the “camera with a soul”), and at a flea market, I picked up a Voigtländer that “looked nice” but didn't in fact work. Within a year or so, I had built up a collection of older and more recent film cameras and lenses. Of course I shot test films, to find out if they were working.

As things stand now, I have almost stopped adding to my film camera collection. My plan was to limit myself to three or four film cameras on an “everyday” basis, and occasionally to have fun with one of the others. Then I discovered the Leica Digilux 2. A 2004 digital camera. That led to a return to digital photography via the Fuji X T10, the Digilux 3, the Sony A7 ii, the Olympus E-P5.

You can go directly to one of the most recent galleries by clicking on the photo on the right. Lower down on this page you can also choose between the current and the previous year's photos, or browse older ones, in the “Archives” folder. There is also a folder of most of the cameras in my collection.

All of the photographs in these galleries were catalogued and edited with Lightroom.

2019 no. 1 - the Summit in Sight ?